SAN FRANCISCO BAY CITIES QUARTETS Report 9 – 2015 Jordan Makower

Perhaps it’s just our name, but our small chapter gets many requests for private sing outs.  This month we had more than we could accommodate.  We contacted ten leaders of other quarters in our area, including those in The Peninsulaires, Voices In Harmony, and The Bay Area Show Case.  Would your chapter have done the same? We all must help each other out, for the sake of the individuals requesting our services and for the cohesiveness/camaraderie of our international organization.  We apply that rule to prospective members as well.  If we see that a person doesn’t fit in with our chapter’s goals, we direct them to try other chapters that might be a better match.  We also welcome guests and guest quartets to join us at lunchtime in Harry’s Hofbrau, San Jose, the 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month. Show our guests what you have to offer and join us in song.  See John Heather’s website ( for more details.


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