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San Francisco Bay Cities Report May 2015 – Jordan Makower

In the past month our ranks have increased dramatically but, then again, as a small group any new member causes a noticeable change.  Sieg and Ruth Yoder’s friends, Bruce and Diana McFarling, joinedat the end of April, and Alan Spindel visited us about the same time. At the beginning of May, Jeremy Harris found our chapter, and liked what he saw well enough to ask for a membership application. Each of these people referred to us as the ‘Quartet Club’. This is an accurate representation. We are all aware of the change from S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. to The Barbershop Harmony Society. The ‘fine print’ in this change seems to be that larger groups, choruses, are encouraged, and the emphasis on promoting quartet activityhas diminished. If that is true, then groups like ours, focusing on Quarteting, seem to be the exception, rather than the norm. We open our doors to quartets from other groups to show off their skills, without obligation to join our chapter, twice a month (the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of a month) at lunchtime. For more information, go to John Heather’s website,