San Francisco Bay Cities Report January 2017  Jordan Makower

“There Will Always Be A Place For You”! This was the message on a recently received email from BHS. We have almost the same philosophy. Rivers carve deep canyons, mountains rise and are eroded, continents move, and meteor impacts change the environment. SFBC doesn’t promise “always”; we deal with the NOW! We were well attended at our ‘Harmony For Lunch Bunch’ –sponsored meeting (the first Wednesday of every month). Two quartets performed, utilizing the talents of Steve Gummersall, Bruce Bunting, Marv Bertelson, John Jones, Mike Irvin, and Chuck Mollett, with the rest of us applauding appreciatively.

Through the generosity of Bill Beck, Chuck Mollett, Marv Bertelson and others who wish to remain unmentioned, we have followed the BHS instructions for becoming incorporated, filed 990-N tax forms, maintained our 501(3)(c) status, and written/revised our chapter’s constitution. If you are a SFBC member, perhaps you are aware that you pay NO chapter dues! That’s the way one of our founders, Casey Parker, wanted it. We welcome people to join us: to sing, or as guests. It costs NOTHING for an existing BHS member to join us. We are not asking for money, and do not pressure you to perform, but I am asking you to officially become a member of our chapter, so that ‘WE’ includes ‘YOU’. Please help insure that there is a WE, and that “There Will Be A Place For You!”.

We meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at Harry’s Hofbrau, in San Jose. Check out John Heather’s website: , and write me an email saying that you are officially becoming a member of D-106, San Francisco Bay Cities Quartets.