San Francisco Bay Cites Quartet Club Report March 2017

Notice that there is a slight change in our official name, since we are in the process of incorporating. BHS requires all chapters be incorporated, and we want to keep our membership in that larger body. We are unique, though, in many ways. We are a singing/listening group composed of members, past members, non-members, friends/wives, and ‘drop-ins’. Some of us can afford to go to conventions and contests, where they see old friends, and proudly wear our name next to theirs on their lapel. Not all of us have the same singing/listening range or mobility they had in the past, but still gather with us on the first and third Wednesday of each month, at Harry’s Hofbrau in San Jose. Our group is composed of retired/semi-retired/employees/employers in insurance, business, education, and other fields. Impromptu quartets perform or we sing as a group, and no one is turned away or has their performance frowned upon. We don’t charge for performances, but sometimes people ask us to sing for someone celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or who just needs cheering up. You can be proud of our group; we are small, but sincere. Come to our meetings and read John Heather’s website: