(With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)

It was nine days before Christmas, and Harry's Hofbrau

Was crowded with people, both herr and frou

The SFBC were snuggled, safe in their seats.

Waiting to sing, having finished their 'eats'


When all of a sudden there arose such clatters.

As tables next to us filled with men and food platters.

Remembering BHS" and its "Code of Ethics",

I thought back on the one known as 'Rule Six’.

Away to those men I moved, quick on my feet,

And gave to each a 'secular' song sheet.

They joined us in singing, and ere we left their sight,

Called. "Happy Holidays to all: enjoy your families tonight1"

Join us at Harry’s, on First and Third Wednesday,

For lunch and quartet singing, in San Jose.