Taxes and illness lowered our numbers this month, and inadvertently raised a rhetoric question. In the absence of many quartets, we tried to sing along with recordings from the new Barber Polecat Song Book. If you haven’t bought a copy and tried to do this, here’s what we observed. There are excellent performances; a person can easily visualize this group onstage, doing their routine. Here’s the question: when you travel and wish to visit a BHS group, should you expect to ‘join in’ with them as they sing these songs? The arrangements are uniquely and professionally done; can you perform your part equally as well, or should you be prepared with the songs from the older book? Which one of these, if any, would the group be doing? If they are preparing for a contest/show would they even take time to have their members sing these songs, to include visitors, during their meeting? Perhaps they have a 5 – 10 minute ‘rest’ break, would there be time allocated to finally welcome a person who had been patiently waiting for their chance to join in? There is a reason this is couched as a rhetoric question; one for which an answer is already known, but posed to cause a thoughtful response.


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